Monday, December 15, 2014

How Music Mastering Online is Enhanced

Note: Mastering online opens up the ability for recording studio services to be utilized by parties all over the globe, and employ alternative tools to complete projects in a modern or stress-free way. This reprise of a reference piece prepared for Storify profiles a great example of one such modern master, below.

Filip of brings 30 years of passion for music mastering online and all varieties of audio mixing.  It has been his passion and career mission ever since he got his first guitar and began playing the blues. Filip learned every phase of music creation and production, from being a musician, songwriter, hit maker, editor and mixer, until finally becoming a mastering engineer. This amount of expertise and wide experience comes in handy when it comes to challenging mixing projects.

An engineer with this amount of depth can easily identify the nature of an editing problem early on during the mastering process and address the issue successfully. Filip understands the role of the personal touch in communications when doing mixing projects and mastering online. To this end, he promptly answers e-mail and other communications to stay engaged with his clientele until a particular job was finished. In addition to being passionate about music mastering, he also devotes some of his time to playing chess – a discipline that teaches patience, something that every engineer sorely needs.

The room and monitors are among the most important elements of the music mastering equipment set up. The amplifiers and converters also share a vital role in creating the acoustic environment for producing a proper editing environment. Filip works with modern BMC monitors connected to high-performance amplifiers, and utilizes leading brand MDMA converters for the best or optimal clean and open sound. He also uses three different types of compressors. He employs a customized "blender" board to handle input output configurations. As for plug-ins, he uses two equalizers, one compressor and one limiter, based on his working philosophy that less is more.

Red Mastering Studios offers professional audio mastering online, which opens up the ability for the services, or those of its rivals to be utilized by parties all over the globe, and accessed anytime from anywhere. Filip assures clients he stays in contact with them throughout the entire project, to ensure that the output produced meets or exceeds their expectations. The frequent contact also permits any misunderstandings to be put to bed, and this is up to and including one master revision per project. A mixed review is optional, or can be done as a standalone service. Stem mastering and mixing services are also available. Filip currently delivers assignments at the rate of three days for a single, four days for an extended play track, and five days for an LP.

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